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Head coach reflects on Matson game

| 24/04/2017

Written by Richard Walsh

Reflecting on the game head coach Simon Morrell said: “ It was a superb game and I thought that our boys were exceptional. It really is  a huge shame that with five minutes to go and 11 points up that we didn’t close the game down. It was a position we should never have lost the match from, but we just blew up in the last few minutes.

“However full credit to Matson who had nothing to play for because they took their opportunities.”

“We were desperate to come off the field feeling proud of our performance and not just amble into the off season, which I think we achieved.  We did leave with a bit of a bang and Matson will have known that they had been in a game.

“I thought we were unlucky because it looked like there were two forward passes for two of their tries and a couple of their scores we have to blame ourselves in terms of kick off receipts we didn’t do very well, which gave them 15 points.

“For 78 minutes we were incredibly competitive but they punished us when we presented them with the opportunity and that was that.”

The head coach went on: “This year the boys have been extraordinary because we have had 18 boys who have played first team rugby this year, several who were out and out key people who have been unavailable because of injury. “

He added: “Having said all of that Jordan Buller played a brilliant game at Matson, and had everybody being fit he would not have been in the squad. Kyran Devitt is another one who was amazing and he probably wouldn’t have played either so these are all good things that have come out of  the number of injuries that we have suffered.”

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