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Happy Simon!

| 04/09/2017

Written by Richard Walsh

Bridgwater and Albion head coach Simon Morrell was a very happy man after his side recorded a 41-21 victory over his former side Teignmouth in the opening match of the season on Saturday.

The Albion boss who is recovering from a knee operation so was unable to be as mobile as he normally was at the game reflected on the performance.

“ I was really pleased because it has been a difficult off season with the guys that we have lost and at times there has been an element of frustration in the camp, so it was great to get out there onto the park and put on a display.

“This was the sort of game that we had been hoping for, and to achieve it even though we are missing at least a dozen players through injury I thought was really impressive.

“We have always said that we want to develop our own players so even though we lost a large number during the summer, the likes of Kyran Devitt and George Sluman have stepped up and shown that they are more than capable of filling the gaps.

‘There is no quick fix and we don’t want to throw money at it because that’s pointless, but against Teignmouth we gave a flavour of what it is that we are trying to achieve, even though we were far from full strength.

“It was nice to be able to go out and show some of the things that we have been doing in training on Saturday.

“Teignmouth are a tough really tough physical side and hard to break down so what pleased me was that the way that the Bridgy boys showed that they realize what the expectation is when you wear the club colours.

“What impressed me was the clever way in which they moved Teignmouth around, and the bravery and cleverness they showed in achieving it. The guys who have recruited have bought into what it is we are trying to achieve and this was clear to see.

“It is going to be a turbulent few weeks ahead but if we can nick some more wins, when we get to full strength we are going to be a bit of a handful.”

“We have got a core group of local lads who are desperate to deliver their best game for Bridgwater. We are competitive and ruthless and hard to break down and that’s with a side that is far from full strength!”

This coming Saturday the Albion travel to take on Bideford, who beat Thornbury in North Devon 33-31, so they face another tough match.

“We will be missing a few of the players from Saturday, however we hope to have a couple of new players before that game. Although we wont be at full strength the boys will have a good go at Bideford and if we can take some points of them that would be fabulous.”

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