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Kevin disappointed with Wadebridge result (25/09/12)

| 11/04/2013

Reflecting on the Bridgwater and Albion performance at the weekend, head coach Kevin Innalls said: “I don’t think that we were on form at all on Saturday against Wadebridge Camels. Whether we went to sleep and just expected things to happen I’m not sure, but I’m very disappointed.”

Kevin went on: “In the second half I was pleased with the way that we came back out and got into a position where we were leading and then unfortunately they were a bit too powerful for us and wanted it a little bit more than we did and broke back and went onto a comfortable victory in the end.”

“All the time we seem to be getting exposed through our frailties and we have obviously got to try to find a way of overcoming those.”

Assistant coach Simon Martin played for part of the game on Saturday about which Kevin said: “Simon came on for the first half and made some very good breaks. He made a lot of space out wide which goes to show that

it can be done with the right calibre of player, but he has been out of playing for quite a while now and has still got a bit of a recurring shoulder problem from his operation.”

What was he going to focus on in training this week?

“I think we need to try something a bit different for our game down at Sidmouth which we are going to be working on in training this week. We need to come up with a few surprises and change the way that we play a little bit to match the side we are putting out.”

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