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Geoff Says….

| 18/12/2018

Bridgwater and Albion director of rugby Geoff Sluman was a happy man after seeing his side notch up their second maximum points victory in as many weeks.

“The best way to sum up how we feel about our win over Hornets is very satisfied. Another five point league win in difficult conditions against a competent side has to be considered a good result.

“Weather wise, it certainly wasn’t the conditions for an open game but we just went for it and I think we played most of the rugby. The conditions meant it was a game for tough men and all of our players fronted up to that and actually adapted well and almost relished what the weather was throwing at us.

“We kept our discipline tremendously well throughout the game; obviously I was pleased with that. Our defence worked well but most of all it was just the deployment of what we wanted to do that I am most pleased with – on a difficult day to do it too. We made some positional changes in our selected squad and all of those changes worked very well too, so that will give us options for the future.

Geoff went on: “Hornets are the first team we have played twice this season, we won away in September and to back that up with a win at home was important. It is our first double and as this squad develops we have to look to extend that against other sides.

“Probably though, the most important thing at this stage is to keep the squad learning and gaining valuable experience.

“The timing of things have not always gone the way we wanted so far – we are not alone in that and I am sure it is the same for most teams. What I mean by that is that at times we have needed a week off to recover and we have had to play some tough games.

“Now we have just won two leagues games in successive weeks and picked up maximum points at each, so we want to keep that rolling but we have a break for Christmas.”

The Albion director of rugby added: “That will be the same for a lot of sides, so who adapts best is the challenge that we face and we will map out our activity in the coming weeks to get the most out of it that we can.”

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