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Geoff Says

| 27/04/2018

Reflecting on the Teignmouth game Geoff Sluman the Bridgwaster and Albion director  of rugby said: “Once again we put in a good performance and everybody worked really hard. The outcome was almost a reverse of last week where we won the game in the last play while this week we lost- but that’s sport.

“We had the opportunity when it was all square on 29 points each to kick the ball dead and finish the game but this group of players have got the will to win which would have moved us up the table a few places in the table.  We gambled but it didn’t pay off as Teignmouth kicked a penalty right at the end to clinch it.

“It’s not a disaster and I applaud the ambition of the team as they wanted to win rather than settle for the draw.”

Geoff went on: “ We probably lost the game much earlier on where we lost three players in the space of 10 minutes towards the end of the first half and had to use up all three of our replacements, rather than be able to use them later on as needed in a really hot high tempo game. That probably cost us more than the penalty at the end of the game.”

He added: “It was a good performance and everybody worked really hard. I think that the group of players can be proud of the way that they performed because if they keep playing like that then the results will come.”

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