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Simon’s thoughts from Saturday

| 16/01/2017

Reflecting on Saturdays match at North Petherton head coach Simon Morrell said: “Of course it was a disappointment that we lost because you always want to win a local derby. However in fairness I thought Pethy played well and rose to the occasion and fully deserved their win.

“It was a very competitive game that the crowd seemed to enjoy and the honours have gone to the home team both times we have met this season.

“The difference between the two teams was that when we played them at home we were stronger and they had a very strong side out on Saturday.

Simon went on: “It was unbelievable that we found ourselves eight points up with 20 minutes to go after which we were really poor and committed suicide in the middle third of the pitch. All we had to do was kick the ball for territory and we would have won the game comfortably instead we squandered possession and gave away penalties which was the life line that Petherton wanted. They had penalties in the middle third of the pitch and went for the corners and strangled us.

“We could have quite comfortably closed the game out if we had been a little bit more composed and this is something that we will be looking at in training this week and how we can manage that on the pitch.

“I felt that we were outplayed up the front in all departments in the scrum and in the physical battle we didn’t do well and several of the boys in that game looked like they didn’t turn up and that cost us.

“We conceded the game line, missed tackles which leads to off side penalties and Pethy looked to be a lot more committed in the collisions than we were.

“This is another area we need to be looking at in training so our selection for the game against Okehampton on Saturday is likely to reflect. Some boys in our team got an awful lot right and will be rewarded.”

The head coach identified some of the players who he was especially pleased with.

“I thought that the combination between Stuart Heal (10) and Luke Plummer (12) was clearly outstanding.

“Now we have to forget the game against North Petherton and move on. We can certainly do something now because we have got a number 10 and 12 and 15 in John Hill, who can offer us a great width.

“We have also got Sam Britton and Oscar Tregenna to come back to give us pace on the wings and we can put Garryn (Basson) to 13 to offer us physicality in the middle.”

“Disappointing as it was we are going to move on as quick as we can because I believe we can achieve a great deal with this group of players.

“It was tough day, we could have won and lots of boys stood up, but there were some who didn’t so there will be some changes this week.”

Simon concluded: “However I am very confident that we will be much better off as a result of this game and put in a performance in our game against Okehampton at home and beyond.”

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