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Simon’s thoughts on the 16/17 season

| 08/05/2017

Bridgwater and Albion head coach Simon Morrell has already started planning for the future, but before its forgotten he shared his thoughts on the 2016-17 campaign that ended a couple of weeks ago.

“Inevitably it was a slow burner at first as we had a lot of newboys out in September, but in October and November we had a similar squad and got some good momentum going and I felt that going up to Clevedon in November that we were on for a top three finish.

“However the game at Clevedon completely changed the dynamics of the side because we lost Rob Allen, Luke Plummer, and Brad Field, who went after that game. Just before that we had lost Nick Bradley and we then lost both Taylor Buller and Garryn Basson so that game derailed us and we were potentially in a vulnerable position and we could so easily have crumbled.

“However we didn’t and we called on all of our resources and credit to the boys they didn’t unravel. Of course we don’t want to repeat that experience, but because of what happened we have seen players like Shaun Mahoney, Jordan Buller and Kyran Devitt really step up to the plate.

“Ollie Dunn has moved up to a different level in addition to which there are a number of boys who have taken their opportunity to play at this level and done really well for us.”

Morrell talked about the implications looking forward: “We are very nicely poised given that we were missing 18 players for the last game we played. When we get our established players back into the fold we will have a very strong squad so we are quietly confident that we will finish higher up the league than we have this year.”

“The pleasing aspect of this season has to be that we have used 40 odd players who to a man have bought into the system we have got in place.

“All of the players we have called upon have shown that they are capable of stepping up to this level so if you add the senior guys into that mix who can handle the decision making situations, then we are in a really strong position.

“There has been a really good buzz about the place this season and the boys have been brilliant.”

Morrell added: “We know what we have got within this group and we have moved on significantly from when I took over last summer so there is no doubt that we will be looking to finish much higher up the table next season.”

The Bridgwater and Albion players report back for pre-season training the first week in July so any players who would like to be part of what promises to be a successful season should email

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