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Second Team Pitch Relocation

| 12/04/2013

Bridgwater & Albion 2nd Team Pitch

Last year the Club held a special general meeting of its Members to consider a proposal, by the Executive, to relocate the second team pitch to a site on part of the old ROF Puriton land.

Whilst there were reservations held by a number of people, the motion to allow the Executive to explore this option, through to a conclusion, was granted.

Subsequent discussions throughout late 2012 and early 2013 have concluded in the Executive not entering into any arrangement to lease or purchase land from BAE Systems and will therefore not be relocating to Puriton, in part or whole.

This continues to leave the Club searching for suitable land, more local to the existing site.

Chairman, Steve Smith said: ‘We are continuing to explore other options to provide Bridgwater and Albion with short and long term, sustainable and suitable playing land. We have no intention in creating a ‘split’ site for any longer than we have to, if at all. However, realistic land options are limited’.

Meanwhile, if anyone knows of potential land that may be available, at realistic cost, please do not hesitate to contact the Club.

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