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Cheddar Valley 132 Bridgwater & Albion Dirtrackers 0 (28/09/13)

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Life in the Dirtrackers varies between the sublime and the ridiculous. The sublime was to provide some 27 players for the match at home to Burnham-on-Sea the previous week and the ridiculous was to end up at Cheddar with just the bare 16 – what a difference a week makes. Last season when Albion visited Cheddar for the opening game of the season, they lost 0-87. Cheddar effectively threw away the league title last year by failing to fulfil a vital match at Crewkerne who eventually won the league. However judging by their form on Saturday, Cheddar are the clear favourites for promotion this time.

The home side made a scintillating start with a bout of passing between backs and forwards which already bewildered Albion’s defence. However it was not until the 5th minute that they opened their scoring when their stand-off dashed through to score and convert. Such process then became regular, so by the 23rd minute, Cheddar were 40-0 points ahead as their pack pummelled Albion in the scrums and their backs cut through at will. By half time, Cheddar had scored 10 tries of which 9 had been converted to lead 68-0. By that time, Dave Norman had gone off with a shoulder injury and so had Knott, leaving Albion to call upon their only replacement the veteran Berry who guarded the left wing position with some trepidation. Cheddar also lent Albion a spare flanker.

The onslaught continued in the second half with Cheddar matching their try-scoring with a further 10 but only 7 conversions this time. In days of yore a sympathetic referee would have blown up well before the century mark, but of course in these days of league football, the referee has no choice on matters as points difference could be vital to the league positions at the end of the season. Anyway, full praise to Cheddar even if the game was easy for them, they still needed to make some stunning breaks and moves and the highlight being their considerable support play which brought them tries even after Albion’s beleaguered defence had made some bold attempt to cut down the damage. The game was played in sporting manner and Cheddar were complimentary on Albion’s game efforts. Albion’s tackling was flimsy to say the least as Cheddar continually bombarded with thrusts through the middle. However Craig Norman was exempt from any tackling criticism as he tackled his heart out continually ensuring that the man in possession never had it easy. Skipper Frost also put in some good tackles and saved some certain tries. Beyond that Albion’s tasks were undoubtedly rear-guard. However the fact is that they turned up and played in honourable manner and if they do that in every match, no one will have any cause for complaint.

Next week the Dirtrackers return to College Way to meet Hornets for the first time for several seasons and looking for their first victory of the season.

Team: Ward; McCarthy Barnett Owens Knott; C Norman Page; D Norman Frost Coates Buck Huntley Goddard Ruddle Moulding. Replacement (used) Berry.

H-T 0-68

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