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Dirtrackers idle for second consecutive week……..

| 19/01/2015 | Reply

The Dirtrackers anxious to get back into play following the failure of Ivel Barbarians II to materialise last week fell foul of the weather this time as Somerton’s pitch was waterlogged and Saturday’s encounter was postponed.  Fortunately there are plenty of further gaps in the season to catch up this match but the Dirtrackers, reeling from a disappointing defeat at Tor two weeks ago, were keen to get some action in view of the tougher task ahead in the next few weeks against Hornets III and Morganians, both at home on 24 and 31 January respectively.  The Hornets’ match is that rearranged from 1 November when Albion’s second pitch was waterlogged. 

It appears that the Dirtrackers’ pledge to ensure that more players attended training fell on deaf ears as the majority of the regular side were conspicuous by their absence from last week’s training sessions.  They will certainly need some vigour for the hard encounters to come in the next few weeks.

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