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Albion mourn super supporter David Stone

| 20/12/2013 | Reply

Bridgwater & Albion RFC is extremely sad to report the death of its super and ace supporter Dave Stone on 18 December at the age of 68. 

David was a larger than life character who has supported the club through thick and thin over many years.  Dave was a prominent member of the Supporters Club for many years, organising trips to away matches and providing wholehearted support for Albion at any venue and often vociferously given.  He also worked closely with Albion committees over the years, putting the supporters’ point of view and ensuring total harmony.  He has always had the club’s welfare and ambition at heart. 

Albion Club President Mike Berry recalled first coming across Dave when he was that vociferous supporter from the back of the stand garlanded with a long Albion red, amber and black scarf and with a bugle which was blown at frequent intervals, particularly to herald some promising and prosperous aspect of Albion’s play.  Berry also recounted that when he started playing for Albion, that he was inspired with Dave’s considerable support, as were the rest of his teammates.  Dave was always conspicuous both at home and at many away venues.  In recent seasons, he has followed the club continually at both home and away, being one of the band of merry supporters which accompany the team to all away venues, providing much needed support.  During his 50+ years’ association with Albion, Dave has become very knowledgeable about the club and particularly on the playing side and was always able to reminisce about games played in the past and the players who took part in them – he had a considerable memory and was able to recollect many old stalwarts. 

Clubs like Bridgwater & Albion always need supporters like David Stone – they are the lifeblood of the club.  All former players and fellow supporters alike will miss his fervent support and the club offers its sincere condolences to his wife Carol and family.

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