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| 17/04/2015 | Reply

Older members will be saddened to have learned of the death of Eric “Bungy” Broom who was a frequent attender of matches, particularly at the old Broadway Ground.  Eric was the son of Ernie Broom who was also a stalwart supporter and sometime committee member.  As Eric lives on the Taunton Road side of town, then he has rarely visited College Way since we moved there in 1994 but remarkably still retained an interest in the club.  On meeting him, he would ask about various favourite players of his and how they were getting on and also enquiring upon the club’s fortunes on the field.  He has often been seen in Bridgwater on foot and has a particular passion for the Art Centre where he could be found on many evenings when events were taking place there.  Yet another man of local persuasion who took a great interest in the club. 

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