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Farewell and sincere thanks to long standing Chairman and committee member.

| 10/07/2018

Long standing Chairman Steve Smith and fellow long-standing committee member Debbie Villis have decided to step down from their respective roles at this year’s AGM.

Steve and Debbie have, among other roles and duties over many years, led the committee in relation to land negotiations with both EDF, ER Bridgwater and other parties. This area of the Club’s activity, for more than the last eight years, has involved many hours of legal and financial meetings, negotiations and proposals.

This year they have managed to secure the release of the title from EDF and are in the process of removing the restriction with ER Bridgwater which they are hoping this will be concluded before the AGM.

Both Debbie and Steve feel that, after 15 plus years of ’duty’ by Debbie and 13 years of Chairmanship by Steve it is a time for some new blood on the committee and trust that their successors, along with the other hard-working committee members, will continue to take the club forward.


Category: Club News

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