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Somerton 5 – Bridgwater & Albion Dirt Trackers 10

| 15/01/2019

Saturday saw the return of the dirt trackers, the lads have struggled this season with numbers and have left the league in order to try and rebuild. So Saturday’s friendly match again local rivals Somerton. The usual messages flew around for days before the big game and 10 players ranging from the old old guard of Dave Norman and Robbie Taylor to the wet behind the ears Ian Stone, making his club debut. The boys travelled in good spirits armed with bottles of port of half time and witty banter, there was no way the day was going to be spoiled

During the warm up a very cunning plan of unleashing a new, dynamic half back partnership for Dave “5 Metres” Norman and Matt “Taff/Dan Biggar” Ruddle was coming along nicely……. Until reality set in and they were both put safely back in the front row. Jason “Stevie Wonder” Moulding was appointed the referee for the game, so the lads knew that they were in for a hard game.

The game kicked off and to the surprise of both teams, it was quite even, with both sides putting in solid tackles and giving nothing away. With solid scrums, dodgy lineouts, it was nil-nil for quite some time, until a moment of magic, a blistering run, dazzling foot work or rather a 2 metre flop over from the back of a driving maul, saw Matt “Taff” Ruddle score the only points of the first half. In the dying moments of the first half, Somerton were threatening the Bridgy line and some brave tackling across the team saw them kept out.

Half time came (not soon enough), port was drank, new game plans hatched

The second half was played in a similar way, with Somerton finally realising that they had a bit more pace (and youth) on their side, they managed to sneak over for a try to draw level. Thankfully, their kicker couldn’t hit the side of a barn and the scores were level. Somerton now had the momentum but the Dirt Trackers dug deep, filling games, forcing turnovers and showing true spirit.

The game descended into a bit of who wants to play were with people taking knocks and moving around but in true 3rd team style, there were no complaints, they just got on with their jobs. As the clock ticked away, the scores level it, the feeling around the ground (open field) was that something magical was going to happen

Was Ian “Manu Tuilagi” Stone going to crash over the winner from the centre?

Was Lee “The Spear Tackler” Burrows going to dance his way through the defence like a Saturday night in Palace

Or was Jack “Powered by Thatchers” Longman going to flop over the line……


A penalty was award to Bridgy, 5 metres out…. Up stepped one man, is one eye fixed on the try line…..he tapped, he turned, he wriggled…….. he scored – Dave “5 Metre” Norman had made it 10-5 with the clock ticking away.

Now all the Bridgy lads had to do was hold on for Stevie Wonder in the middle (Jason Moulding) to blow the whistle for full time, the minutes ticked away, the seconds seemed to take forever but eventually the watch on his left wrist and the watch on his right told him that it was full time and the game was won. Somerton 5 – Bridgwater & Albion Dirt Trackers 10

This was a game truly played in the spirit of the 3rd team, good banter, good bunch of lads on both sides. We had a number of lads step up from Lee Blewett and Tony Lock to Ian Stone making his very first appearance. It was a true “Have boots will play” attitude and win or lose the guys came away with a smile on their face.

For the rest of the season the Dirt Trackers are looking to play social games of rugby, so if you want to have a game and a laugh, let us know!

Special mention has to be made for DOTD – Jack Longman, who said before scrummaging “Let’s push them back to Somerton”………..the match was being played in Somerton!

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