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Spectating at Bridgwater & Albion RFC

All parents and spectator attending training / games must be aware of the importance of adhering to current guidance and follow the guidance below.

  • Please sign into the venue using the NHS trace & test system. Venue QR barcodes are displayed at various points.
  • Please maintain a socially distanced approach in discrete groups of no more than 6.
  • Spectators must spread out along their designated training areas (which include along the barriers alongside the pitch ).
  • Each group of 6 must make an effort to distance from another group Spectators who are settled pitch side to watch are encouraged to remain with the same 6 spectators for the duration of the session and avoid splitting off to join other groups. This is to minimise intermingling.
  • Spectators, including parents during youth sessions are asked to stay off of the grassed playing areas and spectate from around the pitch-side and the off pitch side of the barriers
  • If youth parents have children in more than one age group, please be mindful of your movements and apply the guidelines.
  • Gathering needs to be socially distanced at all times within (or outside) a group of 6.
  • Mask wearing in outdoor areas is optional.
  • You can spectate from your own vehicle but not with additional spectators outside your family group.
  • If purchasing refreshments please read the signs and respect the guidance.

Thank you for helping us all stay safe, we hope you enjoy your visit.