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Kevin far from despondent (02/10/12)

| 11/04/2013

Bridgwater and Albion head coach Kevin Innalls was far from despondent when he reflected on the game at Sidmouth on Saturday.

“Some of our defending was very poor and certainly not up to the standard that we expect. We gave them too much of a head start in the early part of the game.”

“I always felt that they would go into a lead, but if we could keep it to the 20 point range given that slope then I felt that we could come back. However we let them get too far ahead with some poor defending, but even so we could have still come back into it after all that.” 

“However I felt that we weren’t helped by some of the referee’s decisions. For us to create that much pressure on their line and only get one yellow card from it when they were constantly infringing and giving away penalties in the try scoring zone led to the players getting frustrated and the two Bridgy lads being sent off.”

The head coach felt encouraged by a lot of what he saw on Saturday.

“We could have won the game comfortably and I think that we can take a lot of positives from it and I feel very much that we have still got a lot of promise, but at the moment we don’t seem to be getting the luck.”

“Rob Thompson had a cracking and as did Luke De Sylva on his first start at seven for the Club.”

“Dan Kemmish had another great game for us and so did Ollie Dunn and Matt Hastie so there were a lot of positives. Gavin Knight also had a great game playing out of position for us at prop.”

Kevin went on: “When you look at the table and see that North Petherton are top and Sidmouth are second, the matches that we played against them were both winnable for us.”

Looking ahead the head coach said: “We are still looking to recruit and we have got some new players coming in over the next few weeks, so we are certainly not sitting still. We know that there is still a lot to do so we just have to get on with it starting in our training this week.”

“The Bridgy supporters are now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and that we do play some good rugby in spells.”

Kevin added: “We have been on a low but hopefully we are starting to pull out the other side of it.  I think we just need to win a few games to give us confidence, hopefully starting with Paignton at home on Saturday.”

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