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| 30/10/2020

Bridgwater & Albion has received the sad news that Peter (Pete) Williams – our bustling winger from the 1970’s and into the early 1980’s – has sadly passed away.  Pete – aged 67 – played in our Colts XV at the turn of the 1960’s/70’s decade and graduated into senior football, playing mainly in our United and Athletic XV’s for many seasons but also appearing 55 times in our 1st XV.  He played mainly on the wing but was also very capable in the centre positions.  His solid frame ensured that he was a handful to stop on the wing and his build also assisted a strong defence.  He was a keen participant and readily available for all teams.  He scored many tries with his bustling style and threw himself into spirited club life. 

Pete contributed to some strong – in physical and other terms – Albion sides and on one memorable occasion at Swanage & Wareham in our United XV the backline read:-

            Berry, Vickery; Pete Williams  Woods  Guard  N Baker; J Bell

On that occasion the backs were heavier than the forwards even with Baker being of somewhat slighter build.  We won as well!

In more recent years Pete, who lived at Puriton, worked in Nigeria on a month on/month off basis but on his return to UK often came to support Albion and particularly when the Puriton Inn incumbents came to watch matches in strength.  Sadly Pete’s wife Gina died earlier this year and she was also a keen Albion supporter particularly in the days when Pete played for us. 

Pete was a twin of Paul and Pete and Gina are survived by their son Steve who ran in the London Marathon a few years ago and daughter Samantha and their children.  Bridgwater & Albion offers its sincere condolences to the family.


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