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Carl Rimmer takes over as head coach at Bridgwater and Albion

| 21/07/2020

Despite there currently being no scheduled date for the return to playing Bridgwater & Albion Rugby Club have not been standing still.
There is always a lot to do in the off season and much of the preparation for next campaign takes time as Director of Rugby Geoff Sluman explained.
“We have conducted a thorough review of our coaching arrangements. We are extremely fortunate to have four top quality coaches, Wayne Sprangle, Richard Bright (Brighty), Carl Rimmer and Ollie Devoto.
“Wayne and Brighty are both player coaches so that adds something really useful too. Wayne has decided to relinquish the Head Coach role this year to allow him to focus on playing and enjoying his time on the pitch.“Any of the guys could take the lead and be Head Coach, but I am delighted to be able to announce that Carl Rimmer has agreed to take this role.
“Carl’s rugby pedigree Is impressive. A formidable front row player he has been a professional rugby player for many years and has played for Exeter Chiefs in the Premiership since their promotion into the top flight of English rugby. He capped that off by winning the Premiership with them at Twickenham in the 2017 season so we are very fortunate in having Carl lead things for us.The Director of Rugby went on: “It is also fantastic that Ollie Devoto has agreed to coach with us going forward. He is still playing with the Exeter Chiefs in the Premiership, was also a part of the side that won the Premiership final and was involved with Eddie Jone’s England Six Nations squad last season.“Both Wayne Sprangle and Richard Bright have National League experience and as player coaches their influence on the pitch really helps bring the coaching to games.”Sluman went on: “I would like to thank the coaching team for committing again for the coming season. I think it is a great coaching package that we have put together. Carl and Wayne for the forwards, Ollie and Brighty for the backs with the very latest techniques being coached, any player that wants to develop need look no further than what we have.
“I am excited about the season ahead and there is a degree of consistency, which is good, but we have also freshened things up a little.”Carl Rimmer said: “I’m very much looking forward to taking the head coach role at B&A RFC. The last two years have been a whirlwind since leaving the game and it’s been a real pleasure to have had coaching as an area for me to stay connected with rugby.
“As Wayne has felt he would like to concentrate on the playing side of things while he is able to perform consistently really well for us, it was an opportunity I was more than happy to take up and allow him that freedom back, as well as take control of aspects of the game I feel I can improve and apply my strengths to.“Since Wayne and Brighty have taken over this coaching group has come together and with Devo (Ollie Devoto) it has been a fantastic combination of ideas and experience.
“The continuity of working with Geoff Sluman, over four years now, has allowed me to see his vision and drive for both playing groups (first and second men’s teams) as well as his obvious passion for all things Bridgy.Carl Rimmer added: “All of that combined with the strong, core group of players that turn out week after week, this club is a brimming pot of potential and I am very excited to continue this journey with them as head coach.”Sluman, the Director of Rugby added: “We have started some training within the current guidelines that are no more than groups of six, non-contact activity and social distancing maintained. I have heard people say you can’t do a lot with those restrictions but we have a full program for our first block of training. You just have to think about things slightly differently and not fall into the trap of “this is what we usually do” – there is a lot you can do. Men’s senior training is at 19:00 hours on Tuesdays, all new players are always very welcome to come along.” The same but different!From left: Ollie Devoto, Richard Bright, Steve Smith (Chairman), Geoff Sluman (Director of Rugby), Wayne Sprangle, Carl Rimmer (Head Coach).Image

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