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What – no scoreline – absolutely not.  This was an occasion when Albion’s’ United sportingly and bravely fulfilled the fixture to allow Winscombe to celebrate their Somerset Premier Championship title in style.  On a day when any former players from that club were presented with their caps, Albion ensured that there was at least some rugby football on offer to all concerned.

An Albion squad containing seven of our promising U16 XV saw why Winscombe were the league champions as they produced an excellent combined display involving backs and forwards.  Their pack drove rampantly and set up their fast backs to great advantage.

Albion were always facing a difficult task and did their defensive duties as best they could with all players producing some fine tackling.  Unfortunately Albion could not win sufficient of the ball to make any real impact themselves but all of the forwards manfully stood up to the task and drove to the heart of the Winscombe defence when they secured the ball.  Outside, it was always difficult on the back foot but the younger members of the team showed considerable heart.

Albion will now hopefully regalvanise their side for the final match of the season at home to Hornets II on 22 April – this is where it all started with a fine win at Worle on the first day of the season.

Team:  Sanders;  Arthurs  Lang  Kerry  Urbonis;  Fear  Galloway  Lipscombe  Lee  Lewis  Page-Symonds  Buck  Woolford  Euan Trebble-Westlake  Knight.  Replacements:  Lloyd  Machinowski  Esteves  Esteves.