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Bridgwater and Albion RFC Women’s NC 3 South West (West) CHAMPIONS!

| 26/04/2022
History has been made, to go from the first ever Bridgwater and Albion RFC’s Womens team to ever enter a league- on to win it is a huge achievement. We went 10 games in a row undefeated meaning we had the longest winning streak out of any club in South West NC3. With also a huge 340 points for Bridgwater and Albion women scored ¼ of the total points scored in the league across 7 teams. Defensively we played extremely well with only 96 points against this season.
We would again like to thank every coach, supporter, club staff and players past and present for getting us where we are today.
We are looking forward to continuing our journey into NC2 for 2022/2023 and are excited to see the challenge it may hold.
For anymore stats and information including top try scorers please see below:
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