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Recognised as one of the UK’s leading concussion awareness and education resources, the RFU’s HEADCASE programme aims to increase understanding and provide information on concussion and other related topics, including how to prevent and manage suspected concussions.

RFU HEADCASE GUIDANCE (weblinks in blue)

The HEADCASE Overview provides key information to help people identifying and managing suspected concussions.

The HEADCASE Extended Guidance provides detailed guide to information on how to identify and manage suspected concussions, how to potentially reduced the risk on concussion.


HEADCASE Concussion Awareness Training Module linked to GMS

This course is for those individuals who require a record of completion of the module on their personal RFU GMS profile and/or as a pre requisite for participating in England Rugby training courses. This is for essential for coaches, match officials and volunteers, optional for parents/guardians.


Other HEADCASE Concussion Awareness Training Module. Open access version

This course is ONLY for those individuals who DO NOT have an RFU login or ID and/or DO NOT require the course to be recognised on their personal RFU GMS profile. This is easily accessed for anyone else not requiring it logged to their GMS training record.


The HEADCASE animation provides an overview of what concussion is and how it should be managed. Although aimed at young people it provides useful information for coaches, parents and teachers on how they can support a player with a suspected concussion. Watch here.


Added 19/11/21 based on RFU headcase web resource, Martin Barber RugbySafe Lead, email

The information contained is intended for educational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for appropriate medical advice or care. If you believe that you or someone under your care has sustained a concussion, it is strongly recommend that you contact a qualified health care professional for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

The BARFC & RFU has made responsible efforts to include accurate and timely information. However, it makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy of the information contained and specifically disclaims any liability in connection with the content on this site.