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The lifeblood of Bridgwater & Albion RFC

| 28/02/2023

Volunteer helpers are the very life blood of all sports clubs.  Without them the vast majority of them would cease to exist.

Many people support the clubs that their children are involved with.  As the children grow up a lot of them drift away and pursue other interests.

Not so Chris Purdy and her husband John at Bridgwater & Albion Rugby Club, whose son started to play in the 1990s.

However when he got older and drifted away Chris and John remained involved with the club.  They have over the years have raised many thousands of pounds towards club funds with their match day raffle,

Unfortunately John who is a larger than life character and greeted everybody as they passed the clubhouse entrance  has had to give up going along to matches, but Chris assisted by Sheila Horswell and Sue Hall have continued raising much needed funds for the club.

When Bridgy play their final home league game of the season against Wellington on Saturday 11th March, Chris and her band of helpers will be at the entrance selling their tickets.  At half time the winners will be announced and will go along to collect their prize from Sheila!

Some things never change and hopefully Chris, Shelia and Sue will continue to volunteer their services and raise money to help Bridgwater & Albion Rugby Club for many years to come

So when you next go along to College Way to watch Bridgy play don’t forget to say a special thank you to Chris, Sheila and Sue for all of the help they given to the club, through thick and thin- and of course buy a ticket!

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