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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – B&A RFC Update

| 13/03/2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19) – B&A RFC Update
UK cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) have soared and currently stand at 596 cases. With the World Health Organisation (WHO) confirming a global Pandemic and our Government currently shifting from plans from “containment” to “delay” phase which could result in stricter restrictions.
IMPORTANT announcement from Government:
“Anyone with a new persistent cough or high temperature (body temperature of 37.8 OR higher) is now advised to self-isolate for seven days”.
**Please do not attend functions or events at the Club if you are suffering these symptoms**
Hygienic controls and awareness are paramount, but we would again like to highlight washing hands (the right way for 20 seconds) is the main course of action we can all personally do to help combat potential spread in our environment. Please make sure you wash your hands frequently, with the anti-bacterial soap provided, after coming into the Club and especially after using the toilet.

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