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Geoff Says

| 02/04/2019

Geoff Slumsn the Bridgwater and Albion director of rugby was very happy with the way that the team played in the 24-20 victory over St Ives on Saturday.

“Just like the away fixture our home match against St Ives was another close game.

“St Ives are a big side in the forwards, some really fast and capable backs and are very well coached and organised so to win against a team like that is satisfying and a credit to our players.”

Geoff went on: “It was also satisfying because our last three games have been difficult and we have lost all three. After a sequence of games like that it makes playing a team like St Ives even more of a challenge as it would have been easy to slip into a continuation of the previous trend, so the way the players approached the game was first class.

“We played under a fair bit of pressure throughout the game but we kept our composure, worked really hard in defence and kept probing away in attack to try to find the breakthroughs.”

Geoff talked about the replacements during the St Ives game.

“I know it is a part of many games now, and all teams have to do it, but we also coped with some injuries during the course of the game so our replacements really made a difference. Some weeks, we use replacements tactically, other weeks for injury cover but the players on the bench are the same positions as players needing replacing. This week required a few positional changes during the course of the game so again the way the team dealt with that, whilst playing against a capable St Ives team was great to see.”

This coming weekend the Albion play their final away match when they travel to play at Teignmouth about which Geoff said: “They are our old friends and we do have several links with past coaches and players between the two clubs. That also usually makes it a very competitive game as both sides rise to the challenge.”

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