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RIP Leo (Leno) Guerrero

| 29/09/2020

Leo (Leno) Guerrero

Just after the Second World War Bridgwater & Albion were blessed with the presence of an excellent wing three quarter named Leo Guerrero – a Spaniard who had come into the area. Older members and former players of the club have always regaled Leo’s exploits on the wing for Bridgwater & Albion where he excited the considerable crowds which had flocked back to Rugby Football after the Second World War. He played a prominent part in Bridgwater’s resurgence and the club’s excellent Centenary Booklet recalls his involvement.

In particular Leo featured strongly in Albion’s excellent 8-0 victory over Bath in the 1948/9 season and the summary report and teams will vouch for this.

After serving Bridgwater & Albion for several seasons Leo then joined Tor RFC at Glastonbury where he remained for the last few years of his career.

He kept in touch with Bridgwater & Albion and made several visits in company with former Albion players who also played for the Tor club. His last visit was as recently as 2019 where he was proud to see a framed photograph and article recapping the 1948/49 Bath game referred to.

Leo Guerrero will be long remembered here and in other Rugby Football circles and Bridgwater and Albion extends its sincere condolences to Leo’s family and to the Tor club.



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