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Bridgwater and Albion RFC Women 50 – Ashley Down OB Ladies 0

| 08/11/2021
After a strong win away the women were back in action at home, the women came out with strong determination to secure our first home win.
Early on in the game we asserted our dominance and came away with an early try from Shell (VC), making a line break and powering under the sticks for our first try. Charlotte (legs) confidently slotting the ball between the posts bringing us to an early lead of 7-0.
With Ashley Down OB Ladies taking the kick off they applied a little pressure to our side, leaving us playing in our own 22. This was handled by the ladies and after some penalties awarded to us we were able to retake our dominance on some good scrums. We managed to break down their back line and Abbey broke the line to gain our second try. Again a great position for Charlotte to kick another conversation bringing the score to 14-0.
After resetting with Ashely Down OB Ladies having the kick off the ball did not reach the 10 meter mark the ball was not picked up to play with us and we had the choice of a rekick or a scrum, we choose the scrum after showing our dominance. The ball however was lost to Ashley Down OB Ladies and they began to apply pressure. The ball was lost from Ashley Down OB Ladies and Charlotte proceeded to kick the ball to relieve pressure, she chased her own kick down the field and managed to kick the ball again and chased it below the post where she grounded the ball under the sticks to secure our third try. Charlotte added 2 more points to the board converting her own try bringing the score to 21-0 bringing us to half time.
Returning to play we looked confident and ready to add some more points to the board. Ashley Down started strong and again looked in danger of scoring a try, after some great tackles from us the ball was turned over and a good shift was put in by us to gain some much needed ground. Off the back of this Laura (Wurz) made a great run but being tackled into touch. On the line out we were awarded a penalty, from a strong line out for us a maul was formed allowing Laura the back and diving between the two defenders to secure our 4th try. This bought the score to 26-0 with plenty of game time left to play.
With a strong lead we didn’t give up giving it our all. We started strong on the kick off and made some good runs, however the ball found it’s way into Shell’s hands after beautiful assist from Kira see’s Shell score under the posts- securing yet another try bringing the score line to 31-0. Again Charlotte converted the try bringing us to 33-0.
With the points board ticking up for us we carried on showing the dominance we held throughout the game, with pressure building as we approached the line, after some more fast ball the ball found itself in the hands of Charlotte , even with some defenders in front of her she put her foot work into action and flew over the line securing us a 6th try. Leaving the score line at 40-0.
Far in the lead now still the rugby stayed strong and dominant. Whilst the scrums were now uncontested losing us a sizable advantage with our scrummaging outweighing opponents we covered the whole pitch with our defenders and gave them little room to move. Whilst they put in some good runs the overturn was secured quickly though rucking or penalties. With this again the ball found its way to Phoebe after some quick hand passing. Phoebe ran out all the defenders securing our 7th try this bringing the score to 45-0.
Ashley Down returned with passion, however the spaces they left on the pitch couldn’t compete with us after a turn over with some more fast ball played the ball found its way into the hands of Taylor (C) crashing over the line wide to secure our 8th try. Bringing the score to 50-0.
On the full time whistle the score remained the same. Though out the game we managed the space and pressure extremely well, playing quick ball to beat our opponents and great support and runs from all players. Both teams today played with passion, but we had the advantage and had the most possesion. Taking full advantage and quick feet helped us to secure this win.
Every player left the field with a huge smile on their face. The team gelled in a way most teams can only dream, the determination and dedication every Women showed help us to secure our first home win with a good points difference which currently means we hold 3rd position on the table.
Forwards of the match: Laura Wurz Waddleton and Kira Hill
Back of the match: Becca Stone
Match Debut: Lauren Bambury
Scribe: Fiona Hazel Staples
Photo Credits: Mike Cook
Proudly Sponsored by Britannia Lanes of Somerset and Bristol

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