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Geoff says…

| 23/11/2019

Geoff Sluman the director of rugby at Bridgwater and Albion was clearly disappointed by his team’s narrow defeat on Friday , but had no hesitation in congratulating North Petherton on their success in the local derby. 

“No doubt about it, it was not the result we were hoping for. We did not start well and being nine points down after the first eighteen or twenty minutes is where we lost the game. 

“In the first 20 minutes I think we conceded about nine penalties and were awarded just one. We conceded a penalty on average once every two minutes in the opening quarter. Pethy only had to convert a third of the nine penalties awarded to them to win the match so we have to conclude that is where we lost it. Not all of those things we can control, but more than half of them we could, and if we had done that then the result may have been different. 

“League rugby is not about “if, but’s and maybe” though the facts are Pethy won the game and again we have no hesitation in congratulating them on the win. 

“It wasn’t exactly an advert for flowing rugby just penalties for the first 78 mins of the game but the passion and commitment was clear. 

“Watching the game was a little bit like watching the Rugby World Cup Final (with different players) all over again for me, well maybe it wasn’t quite that bad but you just sort of felt we were not doing enough to influence the result our way.”

Geoff went on: “ Perhaps it was fitting that the result went to Pethy, the club and the wider rugby community had some bad news earlier in the week when North Petherton club member Jason Collard, known as JC, sadly passed away at a much too young an age. JC was known to many of us and in the minutes silence before the game it was a reflective time. 

“There was a large crowd and total silence was observed, just hearing the faint noise of the motorway traffic in the background. Sport in general, but I think particularly rugby does unite and come together at such times – even when local rivalries are involved. 

“In the words of a Bridgy player, “JC was a local legend, a truly great bloke, who never had a bad word to say about anyone”.  

Geoff added: “We give our respects to North Petherton and our condolences and deepest sympathy to JC’s family on their loss. I know North Petherton will be dedicating their win to JC and we join them in that.”

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