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| 02/12/2020

Don Bidgood – a Partner in the sports outfitters business of Bidgood and Steel in Bridgwater for many years – has died at the age of 90. Many Bridgwater & Albion players will recall buying their requisites from Don and his Partner who traded from premises on the junction of Polden Street and St Johns Street for many years. In fact, Don and his Partner outlived other sports shops in the town by many years, continuing to provide a service until around 20 years ago.  Don and his business naturally enjoyed trading with the Albion club and its players and some good trading deals from both sides were to be had.  The business kept a fair range of stock and it was never any trouble to order if one’s choice was not readily available.  The business also supported Bridgwater & Albion by programme and other advertising. 

The business – as well as supplying rugby football kit – also dealt in cricket, association football, hockey, tennis, squash and other sports requirements.  It was renowned and served the sporting community of Bridgwater well for many years. 

Bridgwater & Albion sends its sincere condolences to Don’s family and thanks him for many years of excellent service.


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